Silicone-Acrylate based copolymer CHALINE E

CHALINE is a silicone/acrylic hybrid resin, which offers the superior tribological properties of silicone resin and acrylic resin's excellent compatibility with other types of resin.

CHALINE E (Emulsion)

CHALINE E is an emulsion-type product that forms a film endowed with impact resistance and limited stickiness that provides fiber and paper with weathering resistance, heat resistance, slipperiness, and other properties.

Grade Main ingredient Solid content(%) Viscosity
pH value Ionicity Features
E-370 Silicone-acrylic 45 ≦500 5~8 Anion Noise reduction. Anti-fouling. Anti-blocking. Scratch-resisitance.
E-790 Silicone-acrylic 43 ≦500 5~8 Anion High silicone type. Abrasion resistance.
FE-230N Silicone-acrylic ≦500 6~9 Anion Flexible impact resilience. Water repellency.
FE-502 Silicone-acrylic ≦50 4~8 Anion Flexibility. Hydrophilicity.
LC-190 Silicone-acrylic 43 ≦500 5~8 Anion High silicone type.
RU-911 Silicone-urethane 36 ≦2000 6~9 Anion Lubrication