Business Objectives

February 1, 2017
The President of Nissin Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

Business Objectives
for our 83th
Fiscal Period
From March 1, 2017
To February 28, 2018

Fundamental objective

We aspire to construct a distinctive company that will always continue to advance forward through the creation of broad value under the slogan of "unlimited knowledge, the tenacity to persevere, and taking action in a timely manner."

Common objectives

With an eye to enhancing our international competitiveness, we will create a strong financial base for Nissin Chemical by further strengthening the core technologies we have developed and with intensive growth strategies for business areas in which we have an edge.

  1. By expanding growth areas and strengthening our cost competitiveness, we will work towards achieving ordinary profit of 3.0 billion JPY.
  2. With our proven technological capabilities and our flexible ingenuity, we will create a framework for increasing productivity by effective investment into facilities.
  3. From a customer perspective, we will strive to enhance our competitiveness in international markets by combining our proprietary technologies with market strategies.
  4. We are advancing socially and environmentally-conscious ESG-compliant management in accordance with the basic policies formulated by the ESG committee. 
  5. Based on the relationship of mutual trust between management and labor, we will create an organizational framework that can flexibly adapt to changes in the business environment and we will strive for happy employees and dynamic workplaces through sound business practices.