Soft finishing

You can use it when you want to give soft feeling to resin cover for electrical equipment and film for building materials.
In addition, it imparts soft feel feel of silicone to molded parts that touches with the direct hand of automobile's instrument panel parts, building materials, miscellaneous goods.
It can also be used for parts that dislike stickiness due to plasticizer.

Chaline R(Powder)
Grade Silicone content
Shape Ave.particle Diameter
Volatile components
Tribological properties Compatibility Transparency Dispersibility
R-170 70 Atypical 350 ≦5
R-170S 70 Spherical 30 ≦1
R-175S 70 Spherical 30 ≦1 ○~◎
R-180S 80 Spherical 30 ≦1