Company & Products Video

Company introduction Video

  • 会社概要
    Company Overview

    Company overview, products overview, president's messeage,CSR activities
    (4min 55sec)

    Last Revision Date:2019/05/14

Products introduction Video

  • 製品紹介
    Products Introduction

    Method for producing resin products, applications of resin products
    (5min 05sec)

    Last Revision Date:2016/02/20


    Introduction video of acetylenic chemicals Olfine
    (11min 38sec)

    Last Revision Date:2019/09/30

  • VINYBLAN 700 series
    VINYBLAN 700 series

    Introduction video of vinyl chloride/acrylic group hybrid resin Vinyblan 700 series
    (11min 04sec)

    Last Revision Date:2019/09/30