Silicone-Acrylate based copolymer CHALINE R

CHALINE is a silicone/acrylic hybrid resin, which offers the superior tribological properties of silicone resin and acrylic resin's excellent compatibility with other types of resin.


CHALINE R is a powder-type product that makes better sliding performance possible for a variety of resin for prolonged periods of time.


1.Applicable to a wide range of resin
Features a high level of compatibility provided by acrylate groups and can be applied to thermo plastic resins and engineering plastic resin such as vinyl chloride resin, TPU and Olefin resins.
2.Superior and prolonged sliding characteristics
Features a high level of sliding performance provided by silyl groups and lends prolonged improvement to sliding properties.
3.Superior abrasion qualities
Offers improvements to abrasion qualities resulting from superior sliding effectiveness and is also effective against abnormal noises including vibrating sounds and squeaking noises.
4.Superior blocking resistance
Effective as both an anti-blocking and anti-adhesive agent.

Grade Silicone content
Shape Ave.particle Diameter
Volatile components
Tribological properties Compatibility Transparency Dispersibility
R-170 70 Atypical 350 ≦5
R-170S 70 Spherical 30 ≦1
R-175S 70 Spherical 30 ≦1 ○~◎
R-180S 80 Spherical 30 ≦1
  • Main component: acrylic-silicone resin
  • Appearance: white powder

・ The primary particle diameter is approximately 0.2-0.3μm
・ There are also a number of prototypes that are not listed above, so please let us know if you have any questions.
Heavy duty shipping sack (exterior: heavy duty shipping sack, interior: plastic bag)