Environment Policy

Environmental Control Supervisor
Main Office and Factory, Nissin Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

Environment Philosophy

Main office and factory of Nissin Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. fully recognize our own responsibility to preserve the earth-friendly environment and to secure safety and health, and strive to preserve and improve the environment in every business activity.

Active Philosophy

  1. To improve our environmental performance in compliance with ISO14001, we will promote constant improvement of our environmental management system.
  2. We will implement continual improvement of the environment by identifying accurately environmental impact by business activities in our factory, setting to objectives and goals for the items giving harmful influence to environment, and reviewing periodically them. Areas in which we are directing particularly focused efforts are as follows.
    1.  In order to reduce environmental impact, we will carry out continual improvement at basic unit level, reduce waste generation as much as possible, and promote resource-saving and energy-saving.
    2. In handling various chemicals as the chemical factory, we strive to prevent environmental pollution by executing proper control for environmental polluted substances.
    3. As the factory handing high-pressure gas and hazardous materials, with determination never to cause fi re and explosion accident, we strive to keep safety operations without any accident and trouble.
  3. We will observe laws, regulations, and agreement related to environment, and strive to prevent environmental pollution.
  4. In addition to conducting on environmental conservation to all the employees to raise their understandings and awareness on environment policy, we strive to implement the environmental conservation activities from wide aspects by paying attention to the local community and the global environment.
  5. With recognition that our main offi ce/factory is located near the Hino River, we will preserve the water system of the river and contribute to the local community.

Environmental management system registration

Applicable standard ISO 14001
Date of registration April 24, 2000
Registration number E-0137
Registration agency Japan Chemical Quality Assurance Ltd.

Recent significant construction work on environmental-related facilities

April 1999 Installation of No. 2 drainage treatment facility
April 2000 Installation of flue gas combustion furnace
April 2000 Increase and installation of flue gas recovery equipment
August 2001 Installation of soot and dust prevention equipment
March 2006 Installation of No. 3 drainage treatment facility
May 2008 Construction of nitrogen gas seal for tanks containing dangerous materials
March 2010 Installation of VOC cleaning facilities
February 2011 Installation of a solar-power generation system at the office of manufacturing depertment

Activities being undertaken that are in line with our Course of Action (listing)

Energy conservation (Energy Designated Factory [type-I thermoelectric]) measures
Reduction of waste materials
PRTR Surveys
Public river cleanup (photo on the right), picking up empty aluminum cans on area roads
The Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare Excellence Award
Certified by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare's Comfortable Workplace Promotion Program