Zinc Stearate Block Compact SOLID WAX BAR

We have spent many years researching special technologies for molding fine zinc stearate powder. The products we mold are currently being used to remove toner from printer photoreceptors, and we also offer other shapes and sizes to meet customer needs for a variety of usages. Please feel free to contact us if you are considering zinc stearate molded into blocks as glidants.

Manufacturing method

  1. Fine zinc stearate powder is dissolved in a melting furnace
  2. The melted zinc stearate is poured into molds
  3. After cooling, the compact is removed Afterwards, it is processed to meet customer needs, such as cutting to a specific size or affixing metal parts with double-sided tape

Usage examples

  • Improves abrasion resistance for metal press mechanical seal portions
  • Improves peeling properties for double-coated electric cables
  • Prevents film blocking

Bar shape examples


  1. Excellent lubricating properties
  2. Solvent resistance
  3. Hardness cutting amount can be adjusted

Features of block shapes

  1. Easy to handle
  2. Clean working environments
  3. Only the required amount can be supplied
  4. Excellent lubricant properties
  5. Excellent peeling properties

Illustration of the block compact currently on sale

Please note that we basically ask customers to bear the costs of creating new molds