Resins for inkjet ink receiving layers

Solbin and Vinyblan are vinyl chloride copolymer resins developed via our original copolymerization technologies.
Copolymer resins maintain polarity, so they offer superb coloring for printing as well as excellent chemical resistance and plasticizer resistance during application.
They are used for industrial solvent inkjet ink receiving layers.
We are also working to develop receiving layers that match a wide range of needs including aqueous pigment and dye inks, fiber substrates, and more.


About Solbin
Inquiries regarding Solbin

GradeFormatCompatible inksSubstrate adherenceComposition (Wt%)Degree of polymeri zationViscosity (mPa· s/23°C)Features
Solven inkAqueous dye inkLatex inkSynthetic paperPETPVCVinyl chlorideVinyl acetateOther
Solbin TA3 Powder - 83 4 13 350 100 Excellent printability
Solbin C5R Powder - 79 21 - 350 60 Excellent conformability to substrates

* Solbin is dissolved in an organic solvent before use.


About Vinyblan
About the Vinyblan 700 series

Inquiries regarding Vinyblan

GradeFormatCompatible inksSubstrate adherenceIonicitySolid content (%)Viscosity (mPa· s/23°C)pHMFT (℃)Features
Solvent inkAqueous dye inkLatex inkSynthetic paperPETPVC
Vinyblan 278 Emulsion - Anion 43 50 8 50 Semi-gloss type
Vinyblan 985 Emulsion - - - Anion 37 50 6 >80 High coloring (high vinyl chloride content type)
Vinyblan 701 Emulsion - Anion 30 50 7.5 >80 Highly resistant to water, highly resistant to alcohol
Vinyblan 745 Emulsion - Anion 30 50 7.5 58 Highly resistant to water, highly resistant to alcohol
Vinyblan 150 Emulsion - Anion 28 200 8 - Matte type
Vinyblan C765 Emulsion - - Cation 25 ≦100 4 - Can be mixed with polyvinyl alcohol or cationic agents

Nissin Chemical Industry also handles the wetting and anti-foaming agents that are required when coating ink jet receiving layers, and can make total proposals for the materials that compose inkjet receiving layers.


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