Personal Information Protection Policy (Nissin Chemical Industry)

Purposes of use of personal information

We use personal information that we obtain from our customers for the following purposes.

  • To introduce our products and services or promote the sales thereof
  • To communicate the latest information on our company and on our seminars and exhibitions to our customers
  • To ask customers to participate in questionnaire surveys
  • To provide our customers with information related to our business activities
  • To personalize websites or e-mail services
  • To recruit new employees
  • To enter business card information in our in-house system
  • To respond to inquiries

We may send e-mail to persons who have exchanged business cards with parties related to our company.
We will not use personal information that we have obtained for purposes other than those described above.


We use cookies for purposes such as improving our services to our customers, distributing commercial messages for our products, or advertising our products.
If cookies are enabled in your browser, we may obtain the cookies stored in your computer and link your action log with your personal information.