Hot-melt adhesives HOT MELT

This adhesive is a solid at room temperature. To apply the adhesive, heat it to melt using an applicator. A few seconds following application, it will solidify to adhere. As a result, it has been used during the production process of electronic components and materials, such as a semiconductor.

Electronic parts

HOT MELT can be used for temporary tacking when cutting or grinding electronic parts.

  1. Excellent adhesive strength for temporary tacking
  2. Excellent cleaning/stripping properties after temporary tacking
  • Excellent threading properties during application
  • Favorable metal/metal adhesive properties
  • Soluble in alkali and IPA
  • Low viscosity and fast solidificatio
  • For sapphire, silicon wafer, metal, etc
Grade Shape Color tone Melt viscosity
Melt viscosity
Softening Temp.
Specific Gravity Shear strength
Use temprature
IT-134 Cylinder 40 40 76 1.05 81 90~110
TG-05 Cylinder 150 150 55 1.062 75 80~100
Melt temperature and viscosity

Solubility in IPA (isopropyl alcohol)
● TG-05
Before stirringAfter 1 hour

All dissolved

● IT-134
Before stirringAfter 2 hour

Nearly dissolved