Copolymer resin emulsions VINYBLAN (Acrylic emulsion)

These innovative emulsions have been designed based on our long experience in copolymerization technology for ester acrylate. Fully utilizing the degree of freedom in monomer selection that is the merit of acrylic, we are developing products that meet customer needs based on a flexible way of thinking. In particular, we customize flame-retardant backing material for automobile interiors according to customer requests. It can also be applied to home interior products, consumer electronic filters, non-woven fabric, etc.

For finishing processing (coatings and binders)

These acrylic emulsions are soap-free types that do not contain emulsifiers.
There are ideal for usage in various coatings because they form a strong membrane that is resistant to water and solvents.

Product CodeMain IngredientSolid content
2682 Acrylic 30 100 7 >0 -30 ・ Solvent resistance, soft membrane
2680 Acrylic 30 100 7 3 8 ・ Solvent resistance
2684 Acrylic 30 100 7 23 20 ・ Water resistance
2685 Acrylic 30 100 7 42 50 ・ Water resistance, hard membrane
2687 Acrylic 30 1,000 7 17 20 ・ Solve resistance, cationic type

  1. Soap-free-type acrylic emulsions
  2. Does not include toxic substances such as formaldehyde and hormone-disrupting chemicals
  3. Forms a strong membrane that is resistant to water and solvents
  4. Demonstrates excellent ink absorption properties when used as a paper coating agent
  5. Can be used as a fiber processing agent with excellent detergent resistance

Water resistance and solvent resistance

Excellent resistance to water and solvents can be achieved through the selection of ester acrylate and combination of soap-free types

Test method
  • A sample was applied to a clean glass board to create a film thickness of roughly 10 microns when dried. It was then heated for one minute at 105°C to create a membrane.
  • Onto the produced membrane was applied one milliliter of pure water (20°C) and solvents (methanol and acetone). Changes to the appearance were observed after five minutes.